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Is there any way to clean up the usual mess in Washington, D.C.?

All of Washington’s career politicians amount to nothing more than vote whores (and they all are careerists).  These Congress leeches are absolutely shameless in their bid to fill their campaign coffers, and would sell their mother into sex slavery to accomplish their objectives.

Because there are no term limits in the House or Senate, we find characters like Mitch McConnell — doing nothing for his home state of Kentucky — yet doing back-flips to stay in service of self-serving loonies like Donald Trump.

Trump longs for dictatorial control over America, and half of America would love to give it to him.  Trump has decided that serving Constitutional interests is not in his own interest.

Then there’s West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, who, given the deciding vote in the Senate, will sink every progressive proposal coming out of Washington, all the while pretending that he’s a Democrat, and siphoning off Blue votes.

Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Schumer will hold rallies where they will kiss the ass of any Jew who donates over a thousand dollars, or under a thousand dollars if the donor can claim Holocaust lineage, and its public relations value.

They are 100% behind a missile defense dome that allows Netanyahu-types to murder dozens of “n*gger Palestinian” children whenever their homicidal urges strike them.  Then they get indignant, and pull out the anti-Semitic card, when anyone speaks out about their shamelessness.

Ultimately, America will fall to pieces on the weight of its endless hypocrisy, which is getting more and more transparent.  Entrenched players run Washington, ones whose only concern is satisfying, monied, special interests, who in turn fund long-term stays of fast-talking losers.  6/21/21.

Biden Reluctantly Thinks Women Can Control Their Own Bodies

As a Catholic, Biden regularly consults with baby Jesus, perhaps on matters such as nuclear weapon launching.  Biden subscribes to top down Catholicism.  The Pope, the Cardinals, the Bishops, and the priests, in that order, know much more than layman do about spirituality, or else why are they running the church.

Biden is ambivalent about whether or not women should have control over their own bodies.  He is against abortion (Harris backs guns, which is just as Republican), but because many people favor it, he claims that they should have access to pregnancy termination.

Biden has been censured by his Catholic Church for being in favor of women’s reproductive rights.  The censure will take the form of denying him the Holy, sacred, Eucharist wafer.  How will Biden ever survive?  The wafers are available on the black market however, were the President to avail himself to them.  Black market wafers do claim that they’ve been sanctified by priests looking to make a little (or a lot of) extra cash.

Prices on eBay range from $80 per wafer when blessed by a priest in San Rafael, Cali, with a handle of “God’s right hand man,” to $1,000 per wafer from a New York man of the cloth, apparently a Cardinal, who “guarantees the holiness, and Christ potency, of every wafer dissolve.”

Biden is really in a pinch, because he is a devout Catholic, so he implicitly believes in baby Jesus, especially in the power of the baby savior in those communion wafers.  This has prompted him to engage in a bidding war for several thousand, tax-payer funded, ecclesiastical, Cardinal-wafers.

Because of the impropriety associated with government-funded communion wafers, Biden will also be privately soliciting Bishops and Cardinals (or anyone above the level of priest), outside of the eBay pipeline, for their post-blessed supplies.

Regardless of how Biden hunts down his communion wafers, one thing we know, his transubstantiation, or changing the wafer into Christ will be postponed indefinitely.  Expect some withdrawal pangs, or Christ detox, as Biden “gets off the wafer.”  Meetings will be cancelled as he marshals his strength to get by without the mighty wafer o’ Christ.  6/19/21.

The Technocrat

Youtube Wastes Your Time

Many have visited Youtube.  You know, the website where you watch commercials so you are allowed to watch music videos?  Well, have you noticed that the ads you’re forced to watch are without relevance to your life.  I do not have a cat, yet I am forced to watch cat food ads.  My health is fine, yet I am required to watch endless snake oil salesmen ply their trade.

Youtube visitors are required to play this little exercise of watching crap they have no interest in, so they can listen to music.  The point being?  Well, there isn’t one.  Youtube wastes your time, and the time of millions of other people as well.  Sure, ads can be skipped, but not after a minimum of fifteen seconds learning about our bowels.  This is one, pathetic business model.

At some point, a competitor will invent a video website curation with minimal investment, with just, say, 500 of the best music videos.  It will ask you if you’re interested in cat food, or snake oil.  When you say that you aren’t, you won’t be informed of the latest in cat food, and snake oil.  This is the solution to the Youtube time-waste problem (or go to the radio stations in the next article).  6/17/21.

Yahoo! mostly; Bing, occasionally; and Google, not if you paid me a ton of money.

You can sift through piles of Google search engine result pages (SERPs), and find endless rubbish that is apparently coded by gorillas without any sense of style.  The topics range from the idiotic to the morally bereft.  The New York Times backing Israel in 232 of their latest murders is especially nauseating.  Yet, look long and hard, and you will see that The Other Letter has been entirely blacklisted.

Being blacklisted was once a major concern of mine.  After all, every business book claims that Google listings are the key to success.  Google is today’s “Ministry of Truth,” just like in George Orwell’s 1984.  They are the world’s censor.  Yet Other Letter may have found the end around of Google pigheadedness, shallowness, as well as their subtle fascism for the masses, and this is word-of-mouth.

I have a credo for Google that they need to consider: “Since 1998, we make the Internet both more milquetoast boring and more repressive, for slightly longer than blacklisted, The Other Letter, who has been in existence since 2004.  What’s more, our business model requires that we post pornographic advertising.  It’s just Google serving all ages of society.  Remember, Google is not a sewer!”

The Other Letter probably doesn’t even need the 800-pound gorilla of search anymore, one facing antitrust, monopolistic violations both here and in Europe, but it’s not comforting to know that one of the biggest corporations on earth actively wants to see me fail.  I had some insight into Google, the monster of search, several years ago.  The moderator said that Other Letter was, and I quote, “a hate site.”  Well, sure, if you’re coked out of your mind, but perverted dopers are Google’s target demographic, not mine.

I never use Google, and I don’t have any need to do so.  I mostly use Yahoo! Search, or Bing.  I hesitate to use Bing, because they’re run by Microsoft, which I can sort of live with, because my web statistics show that Bing gives the Other Letter traffic, Google doesn’t send me a single visitor, year after year.

My reservations with Microsoft and Bing stem from the Gates Foundation not giving a dime to reproductive services.  It would cut into their sales of Windows 10 boxes.  Melinda and Bill (now divorced) would never say as much, but abortion in some regions of the country, is as popular as aborted fetuses served up on dinner plates (sorry, but I’m making an admittedly graphic point).

The former couple helming the Gates Foundation, may or may not believe that fetuses are people, but most buyers in America of Microsoft products, do believe that they are.  Hence, the pair’s insistence that they must do whatever they can to overpopulate Africa and Asia.

If Google wanted to give me hush money to shut me up, I wouldn’t take it.  I don’t want any ill-gotten gains from a criminal organization.  The American ethos, or lack therein, is to aggregate as much engraved bank script as you can before you die, without any regard from whence it came.  If the money is from legitimate sources, that’s better.

But honestly, my needs are met, I need wads more of cash?  Just lock up the relevant Google execs responsible for blacklisting me.  I cannot say that Google founders, Sergey Brin, or Larry Page, are involved in singling me out onto their blacklist, but if they are, then sure, lock them up.  Get ’em where it hurts, fines are meaningless as justice, take away their freedom.  This is all that I ask.

[An aside: You buy a Rolls Royce, and you wrack it up changing lanes on the Parkway.  With a Honda, that could be a $500 repair, with the Rolls, this is closer to being a $10,000 repair, or a $200,000 automobile is completely totaled.  You have insurance?  What is your deductible on a Rolls Royce?]  6/22/21...

Avoiding I ♥ Radio by Listening to their British Superiors

Are you sick and tired of focus groups in Texas deciding that you should be listening to a steady diet of Led Zeppelin?  America is mostly a land of accountants, the United Kingdom is one of musicians.

Then here are a few of the best alternatives anywhere, direct from Great Britain:

These stations can also be found on Shoutcast (via a browser, or a Synology server, for instance).  My hope is that the stations don’t have any issue with the extra traffic.  The more people getting their feed, the greater their popularity, and success.  If any of these stations do have an issue with free, increased listenership, they can follow this link...

“God is dead.  [Heard on the hill]...”

He sure as hell is!!!  The Christian god has been long since dead and gone.  The only purpose that God serves is making worshippers feel guilty, holier-than-thou, puritanical, and inadequate.  Somehow Christians should be emulating perfection?!!  Geez, that’s so sick.

We can judge one another occasionally, but some ghost up in the clouds passing judgment with lightning bolts when we under perform?  This presence in the ether keeps track of two billion Christians?  It is so shocking that two billion Christian idiots believe precisely that.  Religion works best as social control, like it did in the Roman Empire, to get Romans to toe the line when the centurions weren’t around.

If anyone wants to believe in an edifying belief system, just think of how Creation-at-large functions even though we never designed it.  We can think, remember, reproduce, fall in love or care for others (many species raise their young).

We can also metabolize sugars, transport oxygen throughout our bodies with circulatory blood, the list of functionalities goes on almost for forever.  The two pairs of amino acids (adenine-thymine, and cytosine-guanine), essentially a binary, genome encoding cannot account for the magisterial.

The crown of Creation is our species, none other.  The real god isn’t above you in the clouds, but the divine exists all around you.

Senator Mitch McConnell is Complicit in Mass Murder

Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader, Clown-in-Red.  He gets paid off by the National Rifle Association to block any attempt at an assault rifle ban.  Meanwhile, the murder weapons used in all of the carnage recently, and not so recently, are automatic weapons like the AK-47 and AR-15.

This doesn’t bother McConnell, he sits on his hands with every new report of murder, a product of his laissez-faire gun control.  He must have sold his soul somewhere around his reading of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  In 1783, when the Constitution was patched together, guns were needed by slave owners to quell slave rebellions.

McConnell wants these military-grade assault rifles to be more available, to everyone who wants them, as long as they’re good at aiming them, and pass background checks that every murderer has easily passed.

McConnell is proud of his faux Christianity.  If he meets his maker, his maker will have a field day with his do-nothing gun record, and his lack of integrity especially with Supreme Court appointments.  His maker will send him straight to hell, after he completely fails at redeeming himself.

Washington, and especially McConnell’s Senate, is only a gentlemen’s parlor game, where the Senators are surrounded by yes-men.  Expect McConnell to show up in the Senate chambers sporting a powdered wig, his sleaziness getting more and more transparent.  What goes on there is much closer to the French Revolution during the reign of Louis XVI, than any other nation in the civilized world.  For proof, we just had an insurrection, that is being ignored by half of America.

America isn’t the solution, America is the problem, and McConnell is an embedded part of the problem.  6/14/21.

A little more discussing someone that I have very little worth discussing: McConnell is in favor of State governments deciding election districts, and not computers.  Has he heard of gerrymandering?  This is the altering of districts by political party officials to win elections.  Elected officials, as he must know, can be very biased, but computers have no bias, give them an algorithm, and they will execute it flawlessly.

McConnell relies on his down-home, folksy philosophy, which when seen from the transparency, north of the Mason-Dixon line, is incredibly backwards, and retrograde.  He presents his position here as being against computers, when it’s really Luddite, and pro-gerrymandering, defying the future, and opposing equitable representation for all.  6/17/21.

Where are the Dark Side arrests?

The bit coin has been uncovered and returned to Colonial Pipeline.  Is there anything that can be bought with bit coin?  Can a single ice cream cone be bought with bit coin?

Vladimir Putin wants to see the evidence against Russia for cyber-terrorism.  Well, here is the evidence, except it’s against Colonial and Biden, not Dark Side. is the “hacking” website of a Dutch young adult.  It is not registered in Russia, it’s a site from Amsterdam ( for domain registry info).

Named Dark Side International, and not just Dark Side, the site owner apparently has grand ambitions.  Yet the site has plenty of childish links:

POKEY THE PENGUIN!!;  Math Class Is Tough!;  Conspiracy Duck;  and

Is this the site of a precocious teenager, or someone (like the CIA?) posing as a precocious teenager?  There’s a link to the “dark side of the web,” yet also one for “FROG Tips.”

These ransom ware experts will only promote their efforts in chat rooms?  Why not have their own domain name?  The dark net is supposed to be the Wild West of the Internet, a domain name registration that cannot be traced is beyond their competence?  Dark Side somehow doesn’t want a store front?  There are plenty of piracy and phishing sites that aren’t traced.

Any way anyone looks at it, these are the lamest hackers in existence. is a site from computer experts who know what they’re doing, and enjoy exercising their competence, not because they want to destroy infrastructure.  The general American consensus, is that young adults should be doing drugs, not imitating Russia in advanced science knowledge, by learning about esoteric computer stuff.  6/14/21.

Wealthy Long Island School Districts to Stay Open Year-round

Every wealthy school district in Downstate New York, has signed a midnight pact with Governor Andrew Cuomo to keep K-12 open all year round.  Select school officials and Albany claim that Coronavirus clamp downs have made it impossible for many of their pupils to make it into Ivy League schools.  They need unending education.

Cuomo is rebounding from shutting down the New York State economy, even though only 6% of Coronavirus fatalities were solely from COVID-19.  The Centers for Disease Control is doing all it can to hide this fact, having just changed the 6% proportion to 5%-plus.

Regardless, here is more proof from New York State hospitals that Coronavirus is a medical establishment boondoggle:

“The state Health Department released data Tuesday showing that among those with underlying conditions who died from coronavirus up until April 5, the largest group were those with diabetes, 1,755.  Others were: 872 with high blood pressure; 590 with coronary problems, 528 with renal issues; 421 with dementia; 421 with COPD; 401 with cancer and 337 with congestive heart failure.”

Of the 5,489 deaths in New York State until April 5th, 4,924, or 89.7% (4,924 divided by 5,489 times 100), had other causes of death besides COVID-19.  This means that nine out of ten Coronavirus cases had other, major, preexisting conditions that alone could easily account for their death.

Cuomo also moved COVID-19 contaminated into nursing homes — in an effort to kill off the elderly?  His apology, if it was ever issued, never made the news, probably because he mumbled it in his office.

Enough about Cuomo, word from School-Weenie is that it’s absolutely crucial that kids from wealthy schools get into the Ivy League, so they should expect year-round educational pablum: tutors, late-afternoon bonding exercises, study groups, exams, homework, and classes — which is exactly what they already have today.  6/14/21...

Entertainment Universe

Reese Witherspoon Showcases New Hyper-realistic Y/A Book

“I’m here with Reese as she promotes a new young adult book, one especially for teens.  Why don’t you tell us about it?”

“Well, I just love this book.  It’s called Mor-Trig Seniors Want Out.  It stays true to its genre — hyper-realism.  The first chapter describes a race riot between rival school factions at Mor-Trig High (‘an institution chartered for pupil perfection’), and it only gets better from there.”

“The cops are called in chapter two, but no one fesses up for inciting the riot, so the cops go home.  Chapter three introduces Brittany, the prom queen who was made preggers by Coach Winmore.”

“Then in chapter four, again embracing hyper-realism, the cops return to bust students for rioting, but instead they get a tip, and the gym coach’s office is raided, where they find that Coach Winmore has been supplying Fentanyl to most of the seniors.  The cops found his one-thousand page scrapbook of his teams in the male and female locker rooms as seen through peepholes covered by an anatomy poster.”

“While Y/A, teachers should use their discretion in presenting material where a gym coach is a peeping tom, and the rapist of the prom queen.  Freshmen probably shouldn’t read this, it depends on the sophomores maturity if this is appropriate reading matter for them.”

“This is a real page turner.  In fact, this is the first selection of The Reese Witherspoon Summertime Book Club.  Put in your orders now, reprints will take years.  Can I get you something, a scone perhaps?”

“Yes, I think I shall like a scone.  I don’t often find myself in Nashville on assignment, but it’s on to Malibu to see what Gwynnie’s got cooking...  That was quite the scone, Reese, but I gotta run!  Maybe something more cheerful next time, The Twelfth Night?

“You got it, Other!  Tell Gwynnie that I say hi!”

“I’ll tell her that you send her your best wishes.”

“That’s not what I said, but you’re the writer.”

“Sure got that right, Reese!”

Actresses Who Sadly Aren’t Onscreen So Much Anymore

More mature, Hollywood actresses are struggling with the Coronavirus economy.  They shill cosmetics, clothing lines, gym memberships, muscle cars, desserts, and diets, or anything else that will keep them out of the red, and make her clientele look their best.  All of them do seem as though they’ve hit recessional times.  Over forty years of age, the agent calls much less frequently, and they’re left high and dry, wondering if the coupons will cover the grocery list allowance.

Actresses like Oscar-winner, Gwyneth Paltrow, have pared down their real estate portfolio from eleven bi-coastal properties (seven ocean front) to eight, mostly West Coast homes (six ocean front).

Her garage of award-winning vintage, and performance autos, like Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royces, and Bentleys, now houses one Honda Civic.

Gwynnie also had a fleet of yachts that she kept at the Santa Monica pierThey rivaled the ocean liners on either side of her flotilla.  With the downturn in the economy, she had to sell the entire lot at auction.  Being a Paltrow, added a substantial premium to the selling price, and she did have to show around prospective buyers to the bridge and engine room — very surprisingly, she knows what twin screws are.

Gwynnie spends so little time with her betrothed, one wonders how they can still be married, and how they can help one another financially.  They could both be spending down their savings, until they’re both shilling top shelf booze, or hawking tithing for The Society to End Gangrene.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Paltrow, as she trudges aimlessly through her day.

Nicole Kidman is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood.  Her only problem is that she works for television much more than she does for cinema, where she once ruled Hollywood with a pink, freckled fist.  Her latest TV movie-of-the-week is a real surprise: Mothra versus Godzilla.  This is in sharp contrast to her earlier, carefully and expensively-crafted, Oscar-winning, film work.

In Mothra, she takes on a Fay Wray, King Kong role where she is about to be eaten alive by Godzilla until the Japanese military humbles Godzilla with a Tokyo Death Zapper.  Godzilla drops her into the hands of the captain of a fishing trawler.  They quickly realize that this is love, and this is where Mothra versus Godzilla ends, looking into the setting Japanese, Imperial sun.  They aimed for high concept here, but it rarely worked, as most scenes involved Nikky falling and getting up again, being chased by genetic mutations.

Heather Graham has brought all of her cinematic characters to real life as she now works as a street hustler, selling her body to all comers.  You’ll catch her ad in Screw magazine under “curious bisexual needs to give continual, oral pleasure.”  Heather knows that the kinkier the ad, the more interest, and the more dinner she can put on her table.  One of her Johns once spent three weeks in her bed (there were take out and bathroom breaks).

Ashley Judd has followed Gwynnie’s lead as a spokeswoman for the Kentucky Moonshine line of tongue-dissolvers.  If you don’t know by now, Ashley had a horrific accident in the Congo, having fell into a tiger cage set by poachers.  Ashley is extremely athletic, and once she gets back in condition, she will be giving gymnastic lessons at Asheville Community College, where she is gymnastics provost.

Besides resuming her post as gymnastics legend, she will be bounding along the AT (Appalachian Trail), where she is a mostly unheard-of, Tier-Eight Hiker, having memorized every camping recipe — and regularly makes Three-Star Michelin meals trail side.

Charlize Theron has used her mixed martial arts training to teach MMA classes in her backyard octagon.  Charlize even with a feminine build, has thrown her training partners, thirty feet into the air.  The action is “fast and furious,” befitting the queen of action cinema.

Charlize once went head to head with Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he told Charlize that the capitol of South Africa only mattered to those stuck in South Africa.  Charlize had her in her patented death grip, but showed him mercy because they had to finish a scene together.

(The capitol of South Africa is Pretoria, the official language is Afrikaans, and South African cuisine includes a tremendous variety of ingredients, including fruits, nuts, bulbs, wild plants and wild game.)  6/04/21...

Girls, you want your man?  Be like Julianne Moore.

Julianne Moore is so incredibly sweet, and she looks great, even for her age, sixty years old.

These are my issues: Julianne is so passionate about her causes, like gun control, does she take her volunteerism home with her?  When McConnell sends his thoughts and prayers after another dozen casualties, does it really hit you hard?

Then there’s this: In most photos of her, she is overjoyed, she looks near tears.  Because she has so many freckles, connecting her dots would take hours, even days.

I’m more than just a little concerned about her welfare.  Most Americans are growling, deep in cynicism, but she’s elated.  What gives, Julianne?  Has something driven you entirely off the kilter of American life?

Taylor Swift has many, many, many, toys...

Everyone contemplates what Taylor Swift does with her $400 million fortune.  Well, there’s exorbitantly expensive vacations, automobiles, and yachts.

How many can say that they’ve tobogganed down Everest?  She was pulled up by a Saint Bernard, then after reaching the summit, she sped down the other side to Lochran Glen, an absolutely horrifying passage, at Olympic luge speeds of over 100 mph.

Taylor has a garage that’s bigger than Jay Leno’s.  She gets regular gasoline deliveries for her fleet of Rolls Royces and Bentleys, and has a solar power plant for her electric Teslas that rivals the one that almost put a laser beam to James Bond’s crotch in Neutered 007?

She has live-in mechanics, working round-the-clock shifts to maximize performance, and to get vintage autos back on the road on schedule.  That’s right, Taylor runs a vintage car club, and does repairs for her group, gratis.

Because Ms. Swift lives in Rhode Island, most of the year she can take out The Karlie.  This is her one-hundred-twenty-foot Hatteras ocean-worthy yacht, one that she has learned how to steer.  Taylor has taken The Karlie to Caribbean ports of call, including Saint Bart’s, and Bermuda.  6/15/21.

Mystery Solved: Dorothea is Karlie Kloss

Taylor Swift has written many, many, many songs about loves lost, but Dorothea may be her best.  It is touching, and it is as real as rain.

The thinly-disguised Dorothea in the title must be super model cum Trump family in-law, Karlie Kloss, who was at one time, Taylor’s bestie forever.  In their twenties, they were the hottest (hetero? bisexual?) couple anywhere.  Here is the most telling, identifying line:

You’re a queen
Selling dreams
Selling make up and magazines
Ooh, from you I’d buy anything.

The “selling make up” is Karlie Kloss, her most famous ex-friend.  There are more lines to this effect such as this as Taylor implores her best friend to escape from the clutches of a far-right marriage:

It’s never too late
To come back to my side
The stars in your eyes
Shined brighter in Tupelo [Tupelo Honey, a Van Morrison song]
And if you’re ever tired of being known
For who you know
You know, you’ll always know me


Sadly, tragically even, Karlie hitched up with Joshua Kushner, brother of Ivanka Trump’s husband.  She even gave spawn of an infant with Kushner.  Then there’s the heartstring-tugging lament:

Hey Dorothea
Do you ever stop and think about me?
When we were younger
Down in the park
Honey, making a lark of the misery
You got shiny friends since you left town
A tiny screen’s the only place I see you now
And I got nothing but well wishes for ya [heartbreaking...]

This has my vote as most affecting heartbreak song, even if it’s same-sex, and both have never outed themselves in any sense.  Taylor is pulled away from her bestie, because of the Trump revulsion.  They should still be the power girlfriends they once were, now they’re just rudderless on stormy seas.  Both have plenty to share to make each other stronger, but circumstances put the kibosh on that.  6/02/21...

Is Taylor leaving Music City?

Taylor Swift is starring in a movie by David E. Kelly, one including an ensemble cast.  So far, nothing is known about the film.

The fear in many circles, is that Taylor is exiting music recording and touring.  Streaming audio is not a profitable use of her time, and this is where her recordings are being heard.  The big moneymaker is touring, but with Coronavirus, that market is weak as well.

Taylor has been in movies before, including the poorly-received CatsCats wasn’t terrible, but it was slow in stretches.  Even with Judi Dench, and Jennifer Hudson, the movie was lackluster.  It completely flopped at the box office.

For most actresses, a flop could seriously damage her ability to get future roles, but Taylor is a superstar beyond human measure, so the normal rules don’t apply to her.  Taylor has charisma, looks, entertaining talent, and stage presence, so if she chooses an acting career, casting directors will be coming to her, and not vice versa.  6/01/21.

Catherine Middleton, the Jim Thorpe of Britain?

Everyone has seen the photos of Ms. Katie playing field hockey, where she was once all-shire, she was that good (just in the 2012 vid linked, Katie was in serious contention for the title of Cutest Girl on the Planet).  Yet if you delve deeper into her past, you find that she was also a near-Olympic equestrian, who stunned at dressage.

In Katie’s early days at St. Andrews, she much more than surprised with another passion, charity mud-wrestling.  She was so wiry and strong, that she beat every girl in her dorm, and most of the guys.

Her sprint times were the stuff of shire legend.  Then to cool off, her dart game was so precocious, many suspected she started playing at pubs underage.  At St. Andrews, unsurprisingly, she was voted campus cutie all four years of her “education...”

You can just tell that Catherine Middleton loves her subjects, and they are in love with her.  It is fairly reciprocal.

Ms. Catherine Middleton (aren’t Royal titles so stuffy?) was showing the G7 Economic Summit leaders around.  There was a leak.  She is known by the entire delegation as Miss Royal Adorable, for obvious reasons.  One day, she may join the political arena, she has so much experience with that crowd.  Another credential, she has a top-notch Saint Andrews University education.  6/13/21.

Radio Special: The Led Zeppelin, Mediocrity Revered

“1973 was the year the Zeppelin went global with their sound (loud) and their message (teen male domination — hey, things were very cool back then).  Let’s listen in as the boys and Robert Plant play Little Turquoise Blues...

“Did you hear the drum kit there?  That was a Snare-plus kit with a Devastator Amp.  Jimmy Page took the lead at 3:48 with his boo-bop, boo-bop, a riff strummed with blessed cacophony perfection.  Plant comes out in the second verse with his patented soprano, falsetto, screech.  Once you switch over to a female register, you’re talking the world’s greatest band.

“The drummer, was no longer Bonham.  Unfortunately he had just OD’ed from alcohol poisoning after several weak outings without lead sheets.  Bonham was replaced with a supposed dead ringer of Ginger Baker.

“The sub was a lit, Lynyrd Skynyrd brother on leave from the Skynyrd, just after the same brother brought down the house at the George Wallace Arena show.  Coke was everywhere.  At the end of the show, promotional, dime bags of coke floated down from the ceiling like confetti.”

The Disturbing Truth about Christianity

Don’t “Watch on Youtube.”  They mostly include odd, unrelated videos.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t know
what a terrorist is, but she sure subsidizes one!

Pelosi censured Ilhan Omar, one of the very few Muslims in the House of Representatives, for calling Israelis terrorists.  This eighty-year-old dinosaur has never seen the death toll from the latest of Netanyahu’s Israeli wars.  If she had, she would realize that Israelis are the terrorists, not Hamas, and she’s fully supporting Israeli-apartheid terrorists:

Year Israel Flexed MusclesIsraeli DeadIsraeli InjuredPalestinian DeadPalestinian Injured
2021 12 (including 2 children)“dozens” 232 (including 65 children and 34 women)1,500
201470 (mostly soldiers)2,100+ (mostly civilians)

Pelosi is a devout Christian, which explains her funding genocide of Palestinians at the Congressional-level.  After all, the American-sponsored angel of death flies over every Judeo-Christian.  The memory of Adolf Hitler has given the Israelis carte blanche over the mortality of every Palestinian.

I can understand Pelosi’s point: American Jews contribute to her campaign, and to everyone else in Congress.  She needs their money to stay alive politically, and she will say and do all she can to keep the funds flowing.

So while in the past seven years, Israel has been the terrorist, this doesn’t mean she can let on that they are.  Being honest isn’t how the game is played in Washington, D.C.

Pelosi takes no issue with the kill ratio, she looks past 65 Palestinian children being murdered, and just 2 Israeli children paying the ultimate price for American-financed destruction.  Pelosi doesn’t even realize that she is a hawk of the highest order, why else would she ever approve massive budget outlays for Israeli murder over innocent, civilian Palestinians?

Most expect more from the Democratic side of the aisle, but this isn’t what they will get, not when Pelosi is spewing grossly-insensitive “direction.”  She readily embraces Israel right-or-wrong policy, a nationalist policy I am sure she remembers from the Viet Nam era.  She should know much better, but she is in love with Jewish campaign cash.

At which point, Pelosi draws the anti-Semitism card against this son of a Jewish mother.  This is why America is so dark and evil, that those somehow given power, regularly abuse it, by twisting facts to their satisfaction.

The next time that Israel needs yet more, Palestinian blood, Pelosi will be standing in front of the headquarters of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee with her hand out to fill her campaign coffers, smug, and condoning the carnage, as good for America, and for her, most specifically.

Pelosi will be shouting: “Murder more Palestinian n*ggers.  Israel, here’s more missile dome defense cash.  Now get me another term...”  6/11/21.

At NY-LI Radio, All That Matters Is Led Zeppelin and Madonna,
And Murdering Bloggers

“PJ, I have you for Zeppelin promotion, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

“7 to 9AM?”

“You got it.  Now, Conchita?”

“1 to 3PM Zeppelin promote?  Push the ‘payola is a good thing’ line?”

“Very good, you can stay after today.”

“Sure thing, Boss.  What should I wear?”

“The usual...  Bullet item: I keep pushing against Cox HQ to make us Led Zeppelin-only, but they keep saying people like bands other than Zeppelin.  It’s very frustrating...  New on the WBAB horizon, our sister station, Q1043, the Queer, has come across someone who hasn’t got up to speed with our America is Unbelievable Campaign.”

“How is anyone not goose-stepping to the American snare?”

“Well-formed words, Conchita.  He must be stopped dead in his tracks, or better yet, killed.”

“Hmm, that sounds so complicated, Mr. White.”

“It is, girl.  We’ll be working with most every radio station in the New York-Long Island area, to first defame him, then have him commit suicide, or just have a loyal listener shoot him in the head.”

“Please stop stroking yourself, PJ.”

“Whatever.  How cool is that, Mr. White?”

“Very, very cool.  Our Nielsen ratings will soar.  This is our big break.”

“How cool is that, Mr. White?”

“Conchita, use your contacts at the Suffolk County Police Department.”

“You mean from when I was a—  I mean, sure, okay, not a problem at all.”

“Any dirt you can find on him from SCPD, we will give airtime.  We will stop at nothing, until he is dead.”

“What does he do?”

“He writes a blog for communists and atheists — and he’s into the Grateful Dead!”

“Baby of Mary, what the???  The only people who listen to the Dead are spending life terms in jail!!!  The Dead are so wrong!!!  Who’s going to get behind a band that did drugs?!  Which radio outlet could ever put the Grateful on their playlist, knowing they did more than top-shelf like Miller and Budweiser?!  I heard that the Zep did a line of coke once, and they started bawling laughing.  After that, it was all beer, all the time — and the suds shows in their music!!!...  At home, I put Stairway to Heaven on endless repeat.  I know, I’m too cool for school!!!”

“I’ll beat this impossible blogger up personally, Mr. White, just for listening to the Grateful Dead!!!  I will just say this: I drank Canadian beer once, and the cops picked me off of the side of the Sagtikos crawling on my hands and knees, singing the chorus to Stairway to Heaven, then air-drumming Stairway to Heaven, then air-guitar to Stairway to Heaven.  I peed on a pair of cops.  So I’ve spent a lifetime dedicated to Bud and those gorgeous, beer-related Clydesdales...  But you know, I’ve learned a valuable lesson, that Stairway to Heaven is the only song that matters on Heaven or Earth.  I’m a climbin’ that stairway to Heaven, ew, la la.”

“The coke, too, PJ, try to stay off the coke, PJ...  Anyhow, I knew guys who fought in Nam, tripping all day, and this is the type they beat up when they got back.  Now, how cool is that, PJ?”

“I always felt those smart blogger types should be killed, Mr. White.  And now I’m putting someone in their grave as part of my 9 to 5.  As always, I am your official Led Zeppelin gatekeeper of cool.”

“I am, too, Mr. White.  But if I could only say something besides what you hand me.  Being the radio slut isn’t always so much fun.”

“Apropos of what, Conchita-slut?  And not at staff meetings.  People who matter will talk.”


“Gotcha head honcho!”

“Howard Stern once said that radio was the lowest rung in entertainment.  Killing someone, at last, brings us to the next rung...  One more thing: You are the judge and jury taking down this writing terrorist!!!!  Meeting done!”

These radio stations are all criminal enterprises.  What else would you call a corporation that uses their radio signal to harass, and try to have you murdered?...  I’m sure you’ve heard these questions for bloggers all the time, ones broadcasted over the airwaves like 102.3 WBAB did, or does, and relayed from across the street by workers, and elsewhere, just as I have: “What do you think of the cops?”  “Do you like America?”  “Do you have a gun?”  “Isn’t it obscene?”  “What do you do for a living?”  “Why are you moving to Canada?”  “Do you live alone?”  My answer: “You ask lots of personal questions, but I hate to break it to you, I’m straight...”

I will say this about the cops...

...They know how to drive cars, and how to drive them very fast.  This is part of their stock in trade, chasing the bad guys.  I would say though, that they call off any chase above one-hundred miles-per-hour.  Anyone going above that speed, is not worth breaking a cops neck to run after.

They drive their squad car for their entire shift, and they prefer to work three twelve-hour shifts every week.  They have logged unusual numbers of hours of driving time.

I owned a 1980, Ford, Crown Victoria LTD, station wagon.  It was the definition of car as boat.  It had a 372 cubic inch, V8 (four pistons on either side).  It had power, but it was pushing a station wagon.  Crown Victoria meant that it was built in Canada, not Stateside.  I bought the mechanic’s manual, instead of just the owner’s manual.

It turned out that there was a top-end, Ford Crown Victoria, LTD, with a 454 cubic inch, Interceptor, police-car engine.  Why would anyone need that much power?  If anyone’s got it above eighty, they have to be stopped, and the police need to do it, right?  I’d say they pursue over eighty.  6/08/21.

Critiquing Kamala Harris’ Speech from Mexico City

Given I won’t be an American citizen for much longer, I have no special appreciation of this nation’s governance.  I used to call Harris, Washington Barbie, kinda light on substance, enlisted for sex appeal, especially opposite Elizabeth Warren.

Her Mexico City speech was competent, she knew her facts.  For comparison, does anyone remember former, Republican Veep, Dan Quayle, who could never get his facts straight at press conferences?

It was a bit on the boring side though, although how exciting could it be?  Kamala couldn’t exactly wear a low-cut blouse to generate interest, could she?

Harris owns a gun.  That’s right, a top-level Democrat can easily get membership to the NRA.  This is so repugnant to me.  She hasn’t disowned her position on guns, and likely won’t.  Harris was a District Attorney, and she claims that this justifies her owning a Glock, or whatever she has.

I’m not buying.  Either she sells or gives away her gun, and has a press conference that proves she did, or she’s back to being Washington Barbie, with a passing interest in Democratic values.  This is a betrayal of her party’s ideals.

Hey, Kamala: Guns don’t kill people, people (with guns) kill people.  Harris is insecure, then she should get an alarm system.  I’m sure she could afford an expensive one.  6/08/21.

Then Harris will say that she has gotten death threats, which is her license to carry a murder weapon.  I get death threats, too, and I get them more often than she gets them, and I still won’t carry a gun.

Harris is a wimpy paranoid, wagging around her pistol, always poised to use it, and she never will.  America gets to watch the Biden Administration lose traction on gun control, because Number Two feels insecure, and is part of the gun problem.  6/15/21.

The Other Letter is a Mirror

I put a mirror in front of America.  If you don’t like what you see, don’t blame the mirror, blame what’s in front of it.

A Public Service Announcement from your Armed Forces Recruiters

“When I hitched with Marine Bravo, I knew I’d be in for ferocious action, and the Afghan geishas were just the beginning.  We hit the beaches, guns a blazin,’ and I knocked out 37 g*ks the first day, which is plenty of patriotic, ear souvenirs to get through customs on the way back.”

“Every day, there’s new tactics, and new enemies to leave for the wolves to finish.  My sharp shooting skills will put me on top of the NRA’s Hit Man List.  Thank God that the NRA taught me how to kill.”

“You’re only left wondering about the food: C-rations are delicious, and reflect the region you’re holed up into.  I’m in Afghanistan, so I’m having chicken almond ding.  Hats off to the Army’s chefs, perfection in a freeze-dried pouch.”

“The previous message has been brought to you by the U.S. Armed Services Recruiting Campaign: War isn’t for sissies, but it’s definitely for you.  Kill for America, kill for democracy, kill for a living, kill to afford college, kill like you mean it, in the Armed Forces...”

McDonalds Switches Beef Sourcing to Venison

Did you know that, with the Coronavirus, McDonalds has switched over to venison?  Turns out, slaughterhouses couldn’t be properly staffed with the COVID-19 spreading through America (and only America).  Ingeniously, the McDonalds organization had a quasi-secret campaign enlisting Midwesterners with shotguns, to cull local deer herds — who are known to viciously attack people (most every Midwesterner owns at least one shotgun, or high-powered military-grade assault rifle).

McDonalds refrigerated trucks picked up the white-tailed carcasses to be delivered to their processing plants: in Chicago, Illinois; Des Moines, Iowa; and Omaha, Nebraska.

Taste tasters nationwide tasted the Venison Macs, and most said the mouth feel was very similar to at least the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but fell a little shy of the brand ambassador and taste leader, the Big Mac.  When the tasters lifted their blindfolds, they were more than a little surprised they were eating deer tendons.  The heavier testers, McDonalds veterans, loved the Venison Mac, a few were less enthusiastic, and a few of the remaining in the panel vomited onto their red trays (providing quick clean up).

Having mostly passed taste-testing, the product, the Venison Mac, was seamlessly moved into the production stream.  Once live in production, revenue dropped 17%, but this was predicted by their financial models.  As Coronavirus subsided, and slaughterhouses were re-staffed with more eager Mexicans, the Venison Mac started to be phased away, but not permanently.

Many McDonalds habitués loved the ground Venison (economically using the entire deer, including tail), lettuce, pickle, olive, and tomato, pastiche, on a sesame seed bun, and the Venison Mac has earned a permanent place on the big board, the McDonalds menu of record, the one atop every register counter, in every very bright yellow and red (move it along), McDonalds eating facility, worldwide.

Because the Venison Mac product moves a little slower than the Big Mac product, the former are value-priced.  Check for Venison Mac Value Meals, including French fries, and Coca-Cola in unlimited refill, Octoberfest, stein sizes.  Health is not the goal at McDonalds, only gluttonous satiation.  The obese are congratulated for their commitment to task, the task of eating.  Mangia!  5/30/21.

Do we know why flowering plants bloom in a particular order?

Note the height in ascending order of these flowering plants, followed by the order in which they bloom:

Height of PlantBlooming Chronology
Rhododendrons Rhododendrons

While obviously not an all-inclusive list (magnolias are one exception), flowers closest to the ground, bloom earliest in the season.  They are closest to receiving their food source of sap from their root system.

In 2021, the crocuses started blooming by March 20th, until the rhododendrons bloom of May 23rd.  Coronavirus lockdowns caused less greenhouse gas to be emitted by cars and trucks.  Less greenhouse gas means lower temperatures, so blooms occurred several days later than prior, recorded years.

Here is a list of links to Twelve-Step groups: Alcoholics Anonymous; Narcotics Anonymous; Al-Anon (for the friends and family of alcoholics); Overeaters Anonymous; Sex Addicts Anonymous; and Emotions Anonymous.

A few of the 12-Step tenets: “When we’re wrong promptly admit it;” “one day at a time;” “take a fearless moral inventory.”  Here’s a link to the Prayer of Saint Francis, which is commonly referenced in meetings.

This is The Serenity Prayer: “[By powers vested in me by God or Creation,] grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

“Belief in a power [or in powers] greater than yourself.”  This can mean God above you, Creation all around you, or any other definition you choose.  For your complete recovery, eventually you need to believe in some entity besides just yourself.

All the attacks that I get here, “are not [12-Step] program,” they’re ungodly (along with giving me permanent high blood pressure).  Those so freely attacking me today, will one day from Canada pay dearly.  This I will guarantee.

While 12-Step groups are free, there’s also courses for professional development in an entirely different format.  Dale Carnegie teaches seminars from its ever-popular textbook, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

[I do not make a dime from recommending any company, nor do I from its services and products.  The Other Letter is only a platform for my writing.  I’ll probably want to shoot myself later for saying this.]

Food for Thought

Life has an underlying rhythm, a coordinated syncopation.  If you don’t learn how to dance with that rhythm, if instead you only learn to march, then you’ll miss out on the grand promenade...

Is “Coronavirus weather” here to stay?

Have you noticed the colder weather the last twelve or so months?  Almost every day, Accuweather notes new records for coldest daily temperature.  The reason is simple: Lockdowns cause less greenhouse gas emissions from infrequently-used automobiles, which causes the temperature to lower.

All this telecommuting could very well be the remedy to global warming, as well as the antidote to smog-related illnesses.

I first noticed this effect in 2010, when I checked temperature records of the oil embargoes of 1973 and 1979.  So if anyone is handing out a science award, I’ll take a Nobel, maybe a Pulitzer, whatever you’ve got.

Or maybe you want me to chair your meteorology, climatology, or even your entire science, department.  Harvard is an easy A, so I’m not interested in running the show there.  5/10/21.

The moon will eventually slow down...

When the moon revolves around the earth, should it be expected to revolve forever?  Or should the orbit degrade, and the moon head into earth, causing a cataclysmic explosion?  An object in motion remains in motion, unless acted upon by another force.  The force here being the earth’s gravitational attraction.  The conclusion: The moon will eventually hit the Earth, ending all life.

Yet is there anything humanity can do to intervene?  With nuclear weaponry, the moon can be detonated, but showering lunar boulders everywhere.  Or the moon can be redirected, with explosives.  The earth’s revolution around the sun is balanced by the moon.  Without the moon, will the earth get pulled into the Sun’s gravitational force?  Then will the earth’s orbit need to be pulled away from the Sun, causing the equivalent of nuclear winter?

While some points are speculation, the moon’s orbit will degrade at some point.  When this will occur is anyone’s guess, although the mathematical equations for orbital mechanics do exist, no one has ever bothered to compute them for the earth and moon.

There are two, real data points that currently exist to solve this equation, today and in 33AD.  The Crucifixion eclipse occurred between the 6th and 9th hour, in Roman time, on 4/17/33AD; or between 12PM and 3PM, by our time clocks.  Astronomy software today pinpoints the Crucifixion Eclipse to between 3PM and 6PM, three hours later.  The moon crossed the Earth’s path earlier then, and later now, according to our models.  It took less time to get before the sun’s rays then, than the models do today.  The conclusion: The moon was traveling faster in 33AD.

If you think that you’re having a bad day, today, think of how bad it’ll be, say, 10,000 years from now, when all Hell, literally breaks loose.  If humankind doesn’t pull themselves together by then, and coordinate a solution to prevent the end times, our races will all be doomed.

What are included in my First Amendment rights?

The American Animal will have difficulty understanding this, but there are several forms of protected speech of an Internet publisher: satire, parody, and criticism.  They are all speech protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  America has always offered full freedom of the press, publishers are protected from harassment by the government, or anyone else.

The famous have a widely-publicized, celebrity pulpit.  They have a forum to hurt anyone they don’t like.  Bloggers completely lack this pulpit to address the masses.  I cannot call the publisher of The New York Times to rebut claims that my current waist line is super-sized.

Knowingly misstating fact is the real trouble.  That, and saying someone was erroneously guilty of some offense.  I could say Trump is a cannibal, but without evidence, that statement would be libelous.  Trump may well be a cannibal, but I cannot say he is without direct proof, such as him on a Polynesian island eating the head of a missing Democratic congresswoman.

There cannot be slander or libel, when the truth is told.

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