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Even The New York Times has pulled its share of snow jobs.
Just look at how it backed Netanyahu’s war.
The only snow Other Letter sees is what falls
from the pure skies in Canada...

“There shall be no escaping the Coronavirus, not ever...”

So spaketh a senior White House official, a true COVID-19 enthusiast.  Now, we need to deal with round two of: “Let’s all pitch in to make the medical establishment richer still.”

Just a few points I feel are worth making: America was the most afflicted by this invisible microbe, apparently found everywhere.  Yet, the United States is known to have the best medical care.  How can both coexist?

In one of the very few positions where I agree with Trump, he said that the hospitals were listing Coronavirus as the cause of death, regardless of the true cause.

China only had 4,800 casualties.  Americans say, “They cheated, the Chinese are just a bunch of self-serving cheats.”  I wouldn’t be too sure, their hospitals were never seen as overfilling with microbe-infected rickshaw drivers.  China is fairly open to foreigners, they certainly have an economy open to the West.

The CDC posted that in the last year 94% of COVID-19 casualties were comorbid with other diseases like heart disease, smoking, and aging.  This was changed to say >5%, or 6% to 100% (or all without comorbidity).  Even though the CDC retracted their position, I found a 90% comordidity rate with New York State hospitals.  The upshot, plenty of people are dying of COVID-19, that are also very sick in the first place.

“The State Health Department released data Tuesday showing that among those with underlying conditions who died from coronavirus up until April 5, the largest group were those with diabetes, 1,755.  Others were: 872 with high blood pressure; 590 with coronary problems, 528 with renal issues; 421 with dementia; 421 with COPD; 401 with cancer and 337 with congestive heart failure.”

Of the 5,489 deaths in New York State until April 5th, 4,924, or 89.7% (4,924 divided by 5,489 times 100), had other causes of death besides COVID-19.  This means that nine out of ten Coronavirus cases had other, major, preexisting conditions that alone could easily account for their death.  7/22/21.

Amaze your friends:
C-D#-F  (quarter note rest)  C-D#-F#-F  (quarter note rest)  C-D#-F-D#-C

The Piano Man, I am not, yet...

...I do enjoy reading sheet music, and picking out the melodies.  My mom could play by ear.  She could hear a song on the radio, and without any practice, play the melody (today would have been her ninety-first birthday).  I could never approach her ability, which I always felt many professional musicians could not do either.

How I take on a piece, which for me is a rather substantial undertaking, is to first find the chords of the composition for the left hand.  Major chords are four keys up from the root, then three keys up.  These are notated as C, or D.  Major 7th chords, such as D7, employ four fingers, not just three.  Four fingers up from the root, then up three keys, then another three keys.

Minor chords are notated like Am.  Am chord is played with A as the root, then up three notes on the keyboard, then up four notes.  Dm7 is a D-minor 7th chord.  Begin at the root, at D, then up three keys, then up four keys, then up three keys.

Besides the chords on the left hand, there is the melody on the right.  Once you find middle C, -o-, you count up on the treble register, along with the notes on the piano.  At some point, you should try to memorize this mapping between the keyboard, and the sheet music, because it really moves your playing along.  You don’t want to have your audience wait as you search for the right keys.

This gets a bit more complicated when you introduce other key signatures like B-flat Major, because then you’re playing the melody with one of the black keys (the chords already use black keys).  C-major only includes the white keys.  C-major is one of the most common key signatures.

There are sheet music collections, such as Billy Joel’s or the Beatles, where you can try to teach yourself piano skills.  Although a dedicated teacher might be the better route.

You can also try to teach yourself the guitar, but the tablature, the guitar notation, always baffled me.  I also have a bias against the guitar.  I may not be the one to judge, but the piano does seem to produce a cleaner, higher fidelity, melody-true, and more polished sound, than the guitar.  I have heard the guitar not used melodically, but more as filler, as fret work.  Of course, the guitar wins out on portability, and cost.

I thank my music theory course at Stony Brook University which gave me any understanding of this.  Rap “musicians” have no clue about any of music theory, they will never be the next Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder, or Audra McDonald.  Compared to these true, African-American musicians, rappers are only the n-word, grossly-overpaid.  7/21/21.

Setting the Record Straight & Ironing out Differences

My hope is that I am criticized when I am wrong, and never when I’m telling the truth.  To that end, here’s what we do: If you have a copy of anything I’ve written where I misstated fact, you send me that text to this email address, and I will see if you have a case against me.  If you do, then I will issue a marginally-heartfelt retraction, but a retraction nonetheless.

If you’re thinking of suing me, you need to ask yourself, by me writing this blog, what damages have I caused you?  Were you laid off from work, did you total your AMC Gremlin in rage?  Did you kill anyone in a fit of pique?  Are these damages covered by regular insurance policies?  If so, sue them first, and get back to me as your claim is resolved.

If the claim is not resolved in your favor, and you still want to sue me for damages, remember you can only come after my corporate Class S assets, in other words, a five-year-old Dell PC.  In other words, you really, really, need to go f*ck yourself.

Keep in mind, I use logic and reasoning to make my points, but on social media they go racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and threaten violence, which I have never done in seventeen years at The Other Letter.  (Although radio stations threaten me with violence, all the time.)  So if you’re getting it worse on Instagram, for instance, why are you threatening me here?

I will offer an example: I called out the Boy Scouts of America for being pedophiles, and for promoting guns.  Scout leaders, and the BSA, face many lawsuits for sexually molesting children.  The BSA is affiliated with the NRA of all things.

My point being: I watch just a minute of a Boy Scout parade on access cable, and I hear a woman (a parent?), say “Other Letter is done.”  I wonder how a parent can put her child in a world of pedophiles and gun worship, yet come after me for showing her how wrong she is.  At this point, I just want my visa for Canada stamped.

Send me an email, and I will post it here.  This is only fair that we all see your reasoning as well as mine.  Your return email will also be posted, which is also only fair, because I post mine.

Because America is generally seen as a democracy (although not if you’re African American), opinion and satire is Constitutionally-protected speech.  Otherwise, without evidence, you really, really, need to go f*ck yourself.  Now, even for cretins, this is not too hard to understand, is it?  7/19/21.

Neil Young: “No matter where I go...”

“...I can’t hear my record on the radio.”  But in America, you sure can hear Led Zeppelin everywhere, even though Zeppelin was the inspiration for Spinal Tap.  Radio networks cannot program too much of what is easily the world’s worst, most overrated, garage band.

All these Led Zeppelin-connected networks, serve up piping-hot sh*t every day for Americans of every age.  Because most Americans have only been fed the sh*t of Led Zeppelin, they down sh*t every day, they just don’t know any better.

“Your Led Zeppelin station” must get promotional consideration for playing so much Zeppelin, outsized air time to other, superior bands.  In other words, they must get kickbacks, they get payola.  Otherwise, they function as a Led Zeppelin charity, and get nothing in return for featuring Zeppelin over all other bands.

These radio networks get very testy, and even threaten violence, when you point out their reliance on one of the world’s loudest, most over-rated, and the worst, most caustic, band ever.

The Who, and The Grateful Dead, played Woodstock, but Led Zeppelin was never asked to play there, even though Robert Plant said that the year of Woodstock, 1969, was their most creative.

Every Monday, accountant and babysitter of future loonies, Carol Miller of New York’s Q104.3, The Queer, shoves Zeppelin down America’s throats with her nationally syndicated, Get the Led Out.  This is instead of playing superior bands such as The Dead, or The Who.  If you are tone deaf, and don’t have any appreciation of music, then Zeppelin is your ticket to hearing loss.

The Lead Balloon’s Black Dog (not a B-side, but a known, drunken high point of Zeppelin concert regulars) is where Roberta Plant apparently declares his need for underage anal sex.  Get a bit juiced, and here is the official date rape song of the 1970s:

“Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove
Ah, ah, child, way you shake that thing
Gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting”

“Tell me would you do me now
Hey, baby, oh, baby, pretty baby
Move me while you groove me now”

Here is the Immigrant Song, another one from perv, teen-targeted Zeppelin, “music” for the mentally deficient, or more accurately, the entirely deranged:

“Waah, waah, wee, waah.  Wee, wee, wah, wee.
We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow”
(“Hot springs flow” is more Zeppelin sexual innuendo, or else it’s travelogue for Iceland.)

“The hammer of the gods (The hammer?  Vikings?  What?)
Will drive our ships to new lands
To fight the horde, sing and cry
Valhalla, I am coming” (now, I get it, Plant is jerking off, and he wants us to listen in, this is the level of Zeppelin sophistication...)

Plant comes from Iceland?  What was he doing there?  Iceland was a stop on some god-forsaken Europe tour that spread bad vibes?  How many people showed up?  Twelve — like the average age of the Led Zeppelin fan?  Plant claims that he was “fantasizing about vikings.”  No comment necessary.

Notice the stark difference between vile Led Zeppelin and this band:

If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung,
Would you hear my voice come through the music?
Would you hold it near as it were your own?

Reach out your hand if your cup be empty,
If your cup is full may it be again,
Let it be known there is a fountain,
That was not made by the hands of men.

There is a road, no simple highway,
Between the dawn and the dark of night,
And if you go no one may follow,
That path is for your steps alone.

Those are not the cheesy, false sentiments of Led Zeppelin, but instead, these are the lyrics of Robert Hunter, who wrote the lyrics of the Grateful Dead, and nothing else.  Compared to Ripple, Plant sounds like he got completely loaded, then put pen to paper, and met album deadlines.

Grateful Dead’s Ripple is even better than Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson, which relies on: extremely dated, Judeo-Christian conventions of being in good favor with Jesus the Christ; asking God to bless, Mrs. Robinson; having Heaven reserve a place for those who pray into the clouds; and lamenting formal women’s roles which trap women, instead of forgetting them outright.

Yet I Heart Radio plays Zeppelin to no end.  Why might this be?  Neil Young nailed it, it’s payola, pay for play.  Money is exchanged to get a song on the air.  Thanks to I Heart Radio, Cox Communications, and a few other, monopolistic networks, America is forced to listen to sh*tty music on a regular basis.

What’s more, they put out death threats if you didn’t like their monopoly power to broadcast rubbish, especially if you knew, then publicized, the truth, about Led Zeppelin, a grossly over-promoted, and very weak, band.  The Grateful Dead is the best-kept secret in rock, because of nauseatingly, incompetent music monopolies such as I Heart Radio, and Cox Communications.

I mistakenly thought that I was being attacked over the airwaves, because I successfully challenged the Christian belief system.  No, I was being attacked for pointing out obvious payola on I Heart Radio, and Cox Communications.  Besides payola, why else would I point out the tin ear of rock, Led Zeppelin?

Anyhow, I am getting all manner of abuse — regular death threats, obscene slander — for pointing out that Led Zeppelin is dog excrement.  Now though, these radio announcer sh*theads will be paying for their broadcasting death threats like “Get [my name]” over 50 megawatt radio towers.

Did these outlets threaten me with death, because I said that Led Zeppelin sucks, or because I caught the radio networks inside Robert Plant’s shorts, fishing for payola bucks?

As I write this, WBAB, 102.3, the Porn Baby, and Q104.3, The Queer Queen, are having a circle jerk, and sucking off on Robert Plant’s banana-reinforced weiner, and testicle.  They’re much more than willing to go to jail for attempted murder in support of Led Zeppelin.  If the announcers and executives have kids, then they belong in protective custody, and away from those promoting murder.

Yet, isn’t that American radio?  A cluster f*ck of sh*theads in support of rappers without any talent, so money can be made, likely Cosa Nostra money?  If you still think “Led Zep is kickin’,” why is Roberta Plant singing falsetto so much?  No one in rock sings falsetto, unless they’re a woman.  American rock and roll radio is devoted, via Led Zeppelin, to queerness.

Other acts gravitate towards mediocre Zeppelin because the Lead Balloon gets so much airplay.  Sheryl Crow did a cover of Dyer Maker, likely for that very reason, it is a corporate promoted earworm.  Led Zeppelin, along with I Heart Radio, and Cox Communications, dilute the talent of the entire music pool, and they send out death threats to anyone questioning the Zeppelin’s place atop the refuse heap of American music.  7/19/21...

Spirit’s Taurus was plagiarized by Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, but a judge limited the evidence against the Lead Balloon to, not the two recordings, but only the sheet music of Taurus’ intro, and Zeppelin’s plagiarism.  Spirit had played with Led Zeppelin at two outdoor festivals.

The United States Supreme Court, especially Brett Kavanaugh, and Clarence Thomas (the other ultra-conservative White guy), are also enjoying sucking off Robert Plant on appeal.  Both are huge Ledheads.

America’s kangaroo court system rules again in favor of entertainment conglomerates, and against those who had the talent.  The United States just has to have its monkey justice.  7/21/21.

These radio stations are all criminal enterprises.  What else would you call a broadcasting corporation that uses their radio signal to harass, and try to have you murdered?...  I’m sure you’ve heard these questions for bloggers all the time, ones broadcasted over the airwaves like 102.3 WBAB did, or does, and relayed from across the street by workers, and elsewhere, just as I have: “What do you think of the cops?”  “Do you like America?”  “Do you have a gun?”  “Isn’t it obscene?”  “What do you do for a living?”  “Why are you moving to Canada?”  “Do you live alone?”  My answer: “You ask lots of personal questions, but I hate to break it to you, I’m straight...”

The End of the Existing World Order

(Don’t “Watch on Youtube.”  They mostly include odd, unrelated videos.)

Avoiding I ♥ Radio by Listening to their British Superiors

Are you sick and tired of focus groups in Texas deciding that you should be listening to a steady diet of Led Zeppelin, the lead balloon?  America is mostly a land of brown-nosers, their radio stations deejayed by pretentious losers; Britain instead, has Isles of musicians, and couth radio people.

Then here are a few of the best alternatives anywhere to American poor taste, online direct from Great Britain:

If I Heart Radio, or anyone else, not with legal standing, shuts down these links, fret not.  These stations can also be found on Shoutcast (via a browser, or a Synology server, for instance), or through the Radio UK app.

My hope is that the stations don’t have any issue with the extra traffic, or being given an entrée to new markets.  The more people getting their feed, the greater their popularity, and success.

If any of these stations do have an issue with free, increased listenership, they can send an email to Feedback AT OtherLetter DOT com, and let me know their objections, so I can accommodate their inexplicable request.

Youtube Playlists Compiled by a Professional Radio Programmer, or Someone Close to Being One

If commercials don’t bother you, especially obnoxious ones, here are the Other Letter’s complete Youtube playlists.  Of course, playing songs on Youtube, you must sit in front of your PC while listening, so you can “Skip Ads...”

The Earth needs exactly what the Sun provides — this was arranged randomly?

Every living being on earth needs the Sun’s warmth, as well as its light.  The light is especially important, because it generates photosynthesis; that is, the conversion of water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates such as glucose, or sugar.

Somehow, the sun provides everyone on earth with exactly what we need to exist.  Plants thriving on the solar light were simply a product of trial-and-error?  Creation had nothing else in play, besides random molecular collisions, to work seamlessly with the Sun?  7/13/21.

A brief (yet probably adequate), explanation of warm and cold, weather fronts

In meteorology, outside of a, typically moving, frontal boundary; it’s too warm to condense rain; and on the other, it’s too cool to evaporate water vapor.  Yet where warmer and cooler air mix, it’s warm enough to produce moisture — and at the other edge of the frontal boundary — it is cool enough to condense it as rain.  7/16/21.

The Melissa Trifecta

Melissa has looks, delivery, and knowledge, she is the Accuweather trifecta of meteorology.  Whatever her keys to success actually are, anyone can still tell that she does a great job.  Yet yesterday, I was angry at the entire, Accuweather team, but why?

It’s like this: I begin every day at 3AM, tracking the Zurich gold bullion markets, then the Tokyo futures spot (underlying, deliverable today) quotes.  This is just the financial news, I cover every game in town: sports, weather, vintage cars for my garage, new woodworking tools (I’m recreating the Sistine Chapel in cedar), everything.

If I went off the deep end, it is because of my workload, which is the largest in publishing.  Times reporters walk up to me at awards functions like the Pulitzer’s, and say: “Bless you, Other, you are my God!”  To wit, I reply: “Yes, in all modesty, I am your God!”  7/16/21.

Trading desk with twenty monitors.

This is my bedroom.  I have redacted my face, because this is an exceptionally high security operation — think Fort Knox in one’s home.  Those slacks that you see are Dockers which I’ve worn on safari.  These are the same ones that I wore when I bagged my first zebra-giraffe combo, dragging them back to base camp.  It was tough to get this catch through customs, but when you’re The Other Letter, doors magically open for you.  I keep their taxidermy in my garage, where I bring my guests to show them off, along with my pack of stuffed elephants and the rhinoceros (part of which I had commissioned into very durable footwear).

Melissa had a great podcast with unusual detail about her work at Accuweather.  Here is more proof that Ms. Constanzer is a very beautiful woman, without even seeing what she looks like.  Her beauty is inside as well as outside.  Melissa is originally from Florida, and has that gracious, Southern belle thing going on.

I don’t have any idea how she and the interviewer met.  I wasn’t jealous about this interview, Melissa and myself are that tight.

I was very surprised by her intelligence.  I thought she was just a very good-looking announcer with acting skills, but she is a bona fide meteorologist.  7/22/21.

Dispatching my Enemies

The reason why The Other Letter witch hunts, and lynch mobs, aren’t prosecuted is because they chose slander over the airways, and not libel in print.  Libel can be seen permanently in black and white, while slander is heard for seconds, and thus is far less traceable.  “Get [my name]” spoken to millions does the sick damage effectively, discreetly, and without prosecution.  7/15/21.

Instagram, as well as Twitter and Facebook, are a magnet for thugs as well as being their unsupervised playground.  Unless you enjoy getting hurtful remarks from subhumans, it isn’t worth your time and effort to think of pithy Instagram comments.  Sure, you may get a “like” from one (or more) of your favorites, but ultimately, Hollywood only wishes you would buy what they’re plugging, then leave.

They have stuff to sell, such as tickets to their latest movies, trips to resort destinations, makeup, and even their brand of spirituality or political beliefs.  So if post that you’re not ga-ga over their offerings, the starlet’s brown-nosing mob will set on you like a starving hawk on a dove.

Social media is capitalism at its most sneaky, and invasive.  I’m sure you’ve seen this one: An actress posts a video where she’s doing cartwheels and back flips, and in front of her is a half-eaten bag of Dunkin Donuts.

As for social media trolls, actresses resign themselves to having them run the table, because this is the cost of doing business in this arena, and social media outlets refuse to do anything to control them.  Instagram even has Troll-friendly Thursdays, where the vicious can let loose on anyone they’d like without any fear of retaliation — wait, isn’t that every day?  Britain just had a national incident over a footballer getting absolutely brutalized on social media for missing a penalty kick in a shootout at the end of the Euro-2020 Final.

After Coronavirus, many actresses are desperate for funds, which is sad, but now your favorite starlet is just a saleswoman shilling junk.  Fledgling, struggling capitalists have learnt to give it and get it up the arse, and nowhere is this desperation more apparent than on social media feeds.  7/15/21.

Why the appeals for Sandy Hook remembrance money?

There is a mother on a Youtube ad looking for donations to end the massacre like the one that murdered her son at Sandy Hook.  I don’t see why she’s wasting her time on this.  Americans will never change its collective mind on guns — they love guns, they and their congress people support it, and they always will.  The mother’s appeal amounts to funding devotional cards in remembrance, ones that will only be thrown in the trash.

Sandy Hook in terms of abject, threatening, horror neared the Holocaust as a nauseating atrocity, but at least people today realize how horrific the camps were.  Most Americans cannot see that Sandy Hook was a complete horror show, even as a kid empties rounds into other kids’ heads.  Americans have an abiding passion for guns and murder, which serves to define the intrinsic, violent, homicidal nature of Americans.  To those Stateside, murder is just a form of spirited self-assertion, or if the murderer is thinking clearly: murder is a means of getting even, with the weapon, Constitutionally-sanctioned.

Because Sandy Hook did not shift the tide on the gun debate, nothing will.  Gun control in America is a hopeless cause.  Too many Americans are in love with carnage for there to ever be an end to it.  If they could scrub away the blood, Americans would bathe in it, at 98.7° Fahrenheit, because by never doing anything about the perpetual massacres, they demonstrate their full approval.

The complete cure, the repeal of the Second Amendment, whose equivalent worked flawlessly for Australia, will never happen here (they had gun buybacks to execute the ban).  Americans queerly confuse the end of blood splatter, with the end of some insane freedom to kill your neighbor.

The truth is, that Americans love a soaking-wet bloodbath, or else why would they vote GOP, pro-NRA, candidates into office?  (And the entire GOP, is locked and loaded, pro-NRA.)

The day Mitch McConnell leaves the Senate, perhaps by hearse, will be one great and joyous day in America.  He accepts special interest money, especially the NRA’s.  McConnell would do anything to lock and load America.  McConnell is the primary cause of the proliferation of guns in America, of handguns, up to and including AK-47s and AR-15s (one of which was used at “nowhere to run and nowhere to hide,” Sandy Hook).

McConnell doesn’t care about Americans, he only cares about his NRA money, nothing else.  McConnell is not a patriotic American, he is not even an American.  McConnell is a traitor against American safety and well-being.  At minimum, he creates a continual quality-of-life crime.  McConnell is the reason why we enter a store afraid.

Outside of failing America by blockading gun control efforts, and even though McConnell is the third most powerful politician in U.S., the current Senator from Kentucky has done next to nothing to lift the State’s ignorant hillbillies out of poverty.  Kentucky ranks 45th in wealth in the Union.

He decides the agenda for the Senate, and rallies his troops into a unified front.  Do Kentuckians vote for him because civil service jobs follow his patronage?

I cannot think of any other politician today, whom does more harm to Americans, than does Mitchell McConnell.  Because of him, and him alone, America has an entirely intractable gun problem.  How, then, is Mitch McConnell not a domestic terrorist?

That said, murdering anyone in the war for and against guns, is entirely hypocritical.  It just proves the point, that guns are lethal mistakes, only a product of man’s most base, depraved, and sickest, instincts.  7/13/21.

[I might stay in America if it had working gun control, but regarding firearms, the U.S. remains the joke, and the disgrace, of the civilized world.

The passion for killing begins at an early age.  American boys are taught about killing “sh*t” like wildlife at an early age through the Boy Scouts of America, and its partnership with the NRA, the National Rifle Association.  So, Dads, why would you want your son to run around in a queer uniform, and be sexually assaulted by scout leaders?  You want your boys to become scouting faggots?

This never ceases to amaze me: The Other Letter’s detractors get absolutely livid reading this, yet they read every word.  I always write that reading this website is entirely optional, that there are other websites, but they never get it, at all.  Shouldn’t these losers be reading the Ku Klux Klan’s Fiery Cross instead?  If the patriot freaks need to build their House against un-American activities, why not learn from the pros?  Where did McConnell get his chops?  7/14/21.]